Saturday, July 07, 2007


So on July 4th we went up to Salem to check out their local stuff they had going on and the fireworks. When it got close to time for the fireworks Chris, Belle and myself wandered out towards the water. We didn't know exactly where the fireworks would be set off from, as it turned out it was not far from where we were standing. Needless to say we had front row seats....literally. When they started they scared the crap out of Belle. I think more so just because she didn't expect it. After that though she sat through the whole thing like a good doggie, there were even times when she was staring up at them. It was pretty funny. There was this older man sitting not too far behind us in a lawn chair. At one point he got up from his chair and walked away from us a little. I saw him lighting something and assumed he was having a cigarette. THINK AGAIN!! I got a whiff right away and looked at Chris and just started to laugh. There is no mistaking the smell of marijuana. Funny, this old guy just lit up and puffed away. Did he really think no one could smell POT? Weird, maybe it was for medicinal purposes, ha! Yeah right.

Yesterday Chris and I decided to haul ALL our laundry to the laundromat. Comforter, dog blankets, EVERYTHING! I think we figured that since it was such a nice day out that not a lot of people would be there. Boy, were we wrong. I think everyone else had the same idea we did. Oh well, we got it all done and I won't have to do another big wash like that for at least another month.

Last night we watched the movie Beerfest. It was pretty funny for the most part but not something I would have ever paid to watch in theatres. We like beer so I guess it was a given we would like the movie at least a little. ha!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!!


Cupcake Blonde said...

I loved Beerfest! It was very funny, especially the part where he walks in a gets all the quarters into all the cups. Hubby and I must have watched that about ten times laughing hysterically. but you are right, I am glad I did not pay to see it in theatres.

Anonymous said...

I found your reaction to the pot-smoking guy hilarious. I live in BC and it's really common to smell marijuana, especially on campus or downtown. If the cops had to throw everyone they caught in jail, we'd have to build a palace. About all they can do is try to shut down people who grow it in their basements... but that doesn't happen much. The shutting down, not the growing. :) I'm pretty used to the smell now, and prefer it to cigarette smoke, but I've never tried either. Eww. The city's trying to pass a law to ban smoking in public places, even outside buildings... we'll see how that goes.

Zoe said...

I was going to say . . . I am impressed that you took your dog with you! Marcello wigs out at the slightest popping sound! I am glad that you guys had fun.

Tammy Williams said...

We are back from Indiana. I am not sure if you saw my email that I sent but we have started a new blog. You can find us at