Friday, December 21, 2007

Cookies Cookies Cookies

Yesterday Chris's mom and I made cookies. YUMMY! I made peppermint chocolate chip ones while she made 3 different kinds. I love baking cookies and I had a lot of fun. Chris of course was on hand for testing anything we needed him too. The lovely apron Chris made for his mom in 7th grade. Fancy eh!?7 Layer cookies that Chris's mom made

Last night Chris and I went over to Bryan and Andrea's. We had yummy pizza (thank you Papa Murphy's) for supper. Before supper Chris, Bryan and the boys played hockey and basketball while Andrea and I escaped to the couch. After supper we watched Mr Beans Holiday. You really can't go wrong with Mr. Bean lol! After the boys were in bed we attempted a game of Battle of the Sexes but decided it was dumb and stopped playing. Their cat however had entertainment in store as she launched from their closet in the computer room while we were all standing in the there and scared the daylights out of Chris. THAT was funny!

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