Thursday, December 20, 2007

Greetings from Seattle

Well, we are alive and well. Our flights were smooth sailing for the most part. After dropping Belle off at 5am at our friends house we were off to the airport thinking we were so smart for getting such an early flight out of town. It would have been a brilliant idea if only everyone else didn't have the same great idea. It actually wasn't that bad. We did self check-in, got our boarding passes and through security all within 20 mins. We flew Delta and loved it. All the seats have their own TV sets built into the back of them. They had over 20 channels that were free, over 100 Cd's available for listening just like an MP3 player plus a free trivia game that you play against any of the other passengers that are playing, They also had movies, HBO and games available for purchase. It was pretty cool.

The plane we flew on was a 757 so the seats were actually pretty roomy. The TV/music was the perfect distraction for me. For the first time ever I flew without any major nervousness, tears or a question to Chris every 5 seconds that go something like "what was that noise for?" I was very proud of myself. We flew from Boston to Salt Lake City (which is a hub for Delta airlines), while the flight itself was okay as far as being pretty smooth with not much turbulence etc it was LONG! Over 5 1/2 hours. Flying over the Rockies was AMAZING!! We took a bunch of photos. It was like a big rocky winter wonderland. As scared as I am to fly I always feel so blessed when I get to see something that breathtaking.

We had a short layover in Salt Lake (not even an hour) so Chris and I got off the plane and had just enough time to jump right back on (we didn't have to actually change planes) to head to Seattle. That flight was much shorter, only about an 1 1/2. Chris's mom picked us up right around 1pm and we were off. We spent the rest of that day hanging around the house. Bryan (Chris's bro)and Andrea came over with the boys for a few hours. It is to be here and just relaxing with family.
This evening Chris and I went out for dinner with our friends Shawn and Celeste and their twin girls Ana and Alyssa. It is always a good time with Shawn and Celeste and we are happy to be able to see them and hang out over the next few weeks.
Chris and I with Alyssa (beside Chris) and Ana

That is all for now folks, stay tuned for more Adventures from Seattle:)

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