Monday, September 21, 2009

Perfume Gone Wrong

I like to smell good just as much as the next person. Who doesn't? Well maybe some of the people I sit next to on public transportation. But I am guessing that MOST people like to smell good. A little spritz here and there before you head out the door to wherever it is you are going. Maybe an extra spritz or two for a special occasion, I'm not going to judge. But when people can smell you from miles and miles away I think that is a pretty good sign that you have spritzed one or TWENTY too many times.

Last week Chris and I went to our usual spot to watch the Seahawks game and enjoy a relaxing afternoon of football. All was going well, the pizza was yummy, the Seahawks were winning, nothing could spoil my afternoon. That was until they arrived. Who are they you ask? Well a table of about 5. A few were kids, there was at least one guy and the a couple of nasty hoochies. Yeah that's right I said hoochies. You know the type I am talking about. Tight pants, short shirts, more makeup than one human being should EVER wear. All around NASTY! They were sitting right behind us and almost immediately I was overpowered by the smell. So strong my eyes watered and soon enough the headache came. Was it necessary for her to have bathed in her perfume that day? Cause that is exactly what it seemed like. Like she had soaked in a tub of it for a few hours so that it was pouring out of her pores with such strength I wanted to vomit.
The part I don't get is why the guy you were with never informed you that you smelled like an actual factory that makes perfume. It sort of defeats the purpose of smelling good if what you smell like actually makes people around you vomit or pass out. I wonder if she even realizes that just a few spritzes has a good and lasting effect? Oh well I suppose had she not bathed in her perfume I would not have had this lovely little story to share with you all.


Cupcake Blonde said...

I can't stand that! They say people who do that can not smell how strong it is, but I can't believe that. Because if I ever wore that much perfume I would be sick all day long. And it is always the NASTIEST smells that people overuse. Why can't it be something nice like Vanilla sugar. Nope, has to be some cheap Joan Collins shit.

Glenda said...

I get a real headache when I smell cheap perfume, especially when someone "bathes" in it (as you put it). In the same way, I don't think people who smoke can smell it on themselves as much as other people can. Maybe someone should tell them. That's if you can get close enough to them without passing out. HA!

Sketti said...

I'm currently working in Slough for the test team and team manager is a smoker and ever time she comes back up from having a fag she must spray herself with perfume. So not only do I have suffer all day long through the horrible smell of stale cigarette smoke I have it doubled up by the sickly perfume smell...the two together are really a shocking combination!

carmilevy said...

My grade 4 English teacher was like that. You knew she was heading your way when your nose suddenly felt irritated from the overpowering advancing stench. It was this day I have nightmares every time I think about her.

Makes ya wonder, eh?

Family Of Five said...