Monday, January 30, 2012

Bucket List

I have never been one to make such lists. I generally like to just take life as it comes at me. A fly by the seat of your pants sorta girl if you will. I have never been the most adventurous person, I have no desire to bungee jump, jump out of a plane, climb the side of a mountain etc. As I got to thinking about it more I have realized that having a bucket list doesn't mean I have to be adventurous to the point of hanging off the side of a bridge by a rope or putting my life in the hands of a parachute that knowing my luck wouldn't deploy.

Karl Pilkington of all people has got me to thinking about all of this. Who is Karl Pilkington you ask? Well, he is only one of my most favorite people. No, I have never met Karl but I don't really think I need to. Every week we get to tune in to Science Channel and watch him embark on adventures that perhaps weren't of his choosing, but adventures none the less. Some of which us regular folk could only dream of. Karl is the star of the series An Idiot Abroad. It started last season when we saw Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant sit back and watch with us as Karl traveled to see The New Seven Wonders of the World. As much as Karl has NO desire to travel and leave the comforts of his home in England he is a good sport of all the ridiculous things he is made to do along the way. I would guess that after all is said and done, he is thankful for some of the experiences and people he has met. This season is called An Idiot Abroad 2: The Bucket List in which Karl embarks on the ultimate trip of things to do before you die. This is by no means Karl's bucket list. I am pretty sure his would consist of tea and scones at his own house. If you have never heard of or seen this show I highly suggest you check it out. It is good stuff.

So as I said, this all got me to thinking what would be on my bucket list. Here is just some of what I have come up with so far.

1. Travel to Scotland (where I was born), Italy, Germany and Africa
2. Learn Italian. I don't know why but it has always been something I have wanted to do.
3. Run a marathon
4. Write a book
5. Learn to play the guitar

What's on your bucket list?

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Unknown said...

Good stuff.

For me...

-Visit Europe, most of Western Europe anyway
-Get to an EPL darby
-Get behind the wheel of a Porsche on the Autobahn
-Tour the East Coast of the USA and all the historical landmarks
-Go to Hawaii
-Record a worship album
-Officially invent something (patent and all)

Those are a few off the top o' my noggin for now...