Monday, May 30, 2005

Working in the Yard.....Finally!

After weeks of frustrating weather, especially on the weekends Chris and I were able to spend much of today out in the yard. We cleaned things up, weeded and got the dirt ready for all my seeds. So tomorrow we will get out there and get the seeds all planted and we should be good to go. I am so excited about the veggies we will have from our garden instead of spending a fortune at the store. I hate that what seems to be good for you is always the most expensive.

We have three different places we will be planting our veggies. Along one side of our fence we will be planting our beans, then in the other section will be our carrots, beets, onions, peppers and radishes. Then on the hill on the side of the yard we will be planting our pumpkins and our cucumbers. I love it. After all that is said and done I just need to get my flowers all planted where I want them and we will be good to go. I will be sure to take pics and post them as soon as I get the chance.

On a side note....This is posted so late cause Chris and I stay up pretty late these days watching the Mariner's games. And I have to say holy crap we just won our third game in a row. We have been sucking so bad this year, lets hope that maybe, just maybe this is the start of a much needed turn around.


Lori said...

Yay baseball, where is my coffee?

Robin said...

Yippee! A fellow gardener! :) My garden probably won't be going in until this coming weekend though! Lots of tilling to do. Will be working on the flowers all week though, as the weather allows! :)