Saturday, May 07, 2005

The Baseball Blues

So last night Chris and I made our first trip to Fenway Park here in Boston. We were very exited because the Boston Red Sox were playing our beloved Seattle Mariners. The game has been sold out for months so we ended up buying some great tickets on ebay. It was fun to go to a ballpark we have never been to, and a ballpark with a lot of history as well. Although as historical and old as it may be, it is nothing compared to Safeco Field, at least in my opinion. Unfortunately the Mariners continued to struggle BADLY as we got our kicked 7-2. It was a pathetic performance once again by our non existent offence. Regardless, we had a fun time. We had picture taken by this "fanfoto" thing, I am not sure how long they will be online but if you want go check it out. Click on May 6, and then Gallery 6 and our pic should be the first one.


Lori said...

The picture is so neat. You guys look really happy...and matching. You must be old and married or something.Very cute. Too bad they lost for you. LOOSERS!!!!!!!!!! By the way did I mention that baseball sucks?

Lori said...

I guess I am the loser! I can't spell 'loser' right!