Monday, February 20, 2006

Review Debut

So I thought I'd blog a bit.

First of all, we hope you like our new blog look for now--it took me forever to figure out the top picture and how to size it correctly.

Second--I was going to post about the Super Bowl, but I got depressed just thinking about how we should've won. Plus, I'm sure most of our blog readers either don't care or have gotten over it by now.

Thirdly--I have decided to start a restaurant review post. (Because I'm sure all of you want to listen to my rants as an unwarranted food critic.)

We visited Pizzeria Uno--Chicago Uno--Chicago Pizzeria Uno--Chicago Bar & Grill at Pizzeria Uno--Oriole Park at Camden Yards--uhh, whatever. (Officially its Uno Chicago Grill.)
Ambiance--quite nice. Kind of old-school Italian restaurant (with pasta boxes stacked along the walls) mixed with new-school (TV's hung from the ceiling in the aisles.) 8 of 10.
Service--Our waitress was very cordial, taking our drink orders and giving us plenty of time to decide what we wanted. It was our first time there. Our drinks were refilled promptly, and she offered us dessert, of which we partook (see below) 7.5 of 10.
Food--Evey ordered Chicken and Broccoli Fettucine with a side house salad, and I, being at a Pizzeria, decided to order their namesake--an individual Chicago deep-dish pizza. The salad came first--nothing too spectacular, but the croutons were very good. Our orders came out, and all of the sudden, my outlook changed. My pizza was tiny! Like slightly bigger than a microwave pizza. Evey looked at me and said, "Is that it?" Although it looked quite small, I quickly figured out that it was thick. Very thick. Hence "deep-dish." All in all, I wasn't very impressed, but it did manage to make a full meal. Evey's fettucine was HUGE. A big bowl, full of pasta, hunks of chicken and broccoli. The ratio of pasta to chicken (which is crucial in a dish like that) was very good. She got a lot of chicken, enough for a piece in every bite. Instantly I was jealous--looking at my ghetto pizza. 7 of 10.
Dessert--the dessert we got was the Deep-Dish Sundae--basically just a huge chocolate-chip cookie in a pan topped with ice-cream. Mmmm. The cookie was fresh and warm, and the ice cream was the perfect topper. 10 of 10.
Value--Average. For the amount of food we got, we paid about what you would expect. 6 of 10.

Ambiance: 8
Service: 7.5
Food: 7
Dessert: 10
Value: 6
Total: 38.5 out of 50.

Lessons learned: Don't get pizza. Do get dessert.


Family Of Five said...

YAH!!!! It's evey!!! Glad to 'see' you again!! I missed you terribly... between you and Lori.... slackers, I say!

Chris said...

Well, I actually posted--Chris. But since I post rarely, I can understand the mistake...maybe we should be called Chrevey or something like that. (Plus, I don't think Evey is too much of a slacker...just slightly. LOL)

Tammy Williams said...

Haha! Perhaps you should take some courses and find out how to become a food critic. That would be a fun job.

Anonymous said...

Very nice. Miss you guys!

Reverend Joyleaf said...

It may not be Evey but...

YAH!!!! It's Chris!!!

Lori isn't a slacker. She just isn't able to blog because we're barely able to stay online long enough to check our email, nevermind posting something.

Anonymous said...

Watch out, Evey...Chris used to steal all of the croutons out of my salad when I wasn't looking! Chris, I think you've found your real calling - great review!

Anonymous said...

On behalf of Uno Chicago Grill, I am writing to say we are honored to hear you chose to include our restaurant in your blog. However, we would like to change that 38 out of 50 rating to a 50 out of 50. We invite you to return to Uno's to try other great dishes off our new menu - we've recently expanded the menu with delicious and nutritious new choices. Please visit to check out the new menu. Also, we have an Uno Insider's Club you might like to join, for insider-only discounts and promotions. Check it out at