Thursday, December 14, 2006

Ok so the Christmas "yard" ornaments in the 2 posts before this are not ours. We were driving home the other night and noticed all these lights. We made a detour to see where they were coming from and it was just this one house with a huge side and back yard that had it all decorated with so many lights and all sorts of Christmas ornaments. It was so festive and so pretty. There is even Santas sleigh and they have "Santa coming" for the kids and everything. I wish more people could get in the festive spirit like that. It sure put a little cheer in our evening and a smile on our face.


Tammy Williams said...

My dad is Mr. Chevy Chase! He has so many blow-up things including a 10 foot (or more) snowman that he puts in his backyard. For those of you who do not know where my dad lives, just drive on James McKevitt in Calgary and you will see a big snowman in my dad's backyard. His house is usually decked out with lights too. I miss it!

Jeremy is turning into Chevy too. However, he does it with lights and not ornamental things. Every year he puts more and more lights up. I can't imagine what our house will look like when Maya is old enough to have her say....eeek!

PS. There are only 5 houses, including ours, who have lights up on our street. There are about 50 houses too....SAD!!!

Andrea said...

Great pics! Very festive. Gavin is disappointed that we don't have lights on our house. I told him we'd do it next year.

Andrea with the Flipflops said...

I love how you are in the pics with the christmas lights