Monday, April 02, 2007

Boy so I suck. It has been 5 days since I last posted. How did you ever survive your weekend without knowing what I was up to, it must have been rough;)

There are a few things I want to touch on today. The first thing is that I am happy to say I made it through to week 3 of the blog off. I am a little happy about that because I am having a fun time with it. Sadly we had to say goodbye to two more bloggers.
Yellow and Orange and Subarban Princess. Go on over and say hello to them if you get the chance and check out their blogs.

I hate mice. And we have mice. And it sucks. This has been going on for far too long and I am about done with it. Since Chris and I live in a basement suite we can hear the damn things at night running around above our heads. We can hear them making sounds and squeaking, I am convinced they are laughing at us. The worst part of it is when we are dead asleep and Belle hears them she freaks out and starts barking which makes me jump damn near through the roof every time. It's not her fault, she hates the mice too. She is so funny, whenever she hears them she runs to her food bowl and eats whatever is left in there and then immediately looks for any rawhide laying around so she can eat that too. I can't blame her, it is her food and stuff. I just think that it's funny that she is so concerned about it.

Ever since last summer our landlords have had the same useless guy from the same useless company come to deal with the mice. Not ONCE has he gotten rid of them. He really is useless. He walks in the house and asks if we have been hearing, seeing, or finding signs of mice. We tell him yes. And then he proceeds to ask us (every time) to keep the dog food sealed (which we do) and then he puts some bait bags in the ceiling and he is off. OK here is the thing, these mice are SMART. They are like super mutant mice or something, I am not kidding. Either they don't eat the bait cause they are so smart or they are so immune to it they grub it down with no ill effects. Snap traps don't work, glue traps don't work, NOTHING normal like that works on these buggers. The exterminator guy that comes every few months KNOWS THIS! So tell me why he does not do something different, why does he not use some of his tricks that he knows, and why for all that is holy do our landlords keep paying them to do NOTHING. He is coming again this week, I am going to tell him he needs to approach this from a different angle. Let me tell you, EVEY IS DONE LIVING WITH THESE DIRTY LITTLE CREATURES!!!! The only thing I am thankful for is that they don't leave poop all over the joint. In fact, we almost never find any which seems so weird to me. But whatever, I am not going to complain.

As usual since Chris and I are such exciting people we didn't do much this weekend. We did go for a nice drive yesterday. We drove out to Buzzards Bay which is down in the Cape Cod area. We had a late lunch at a cute little family restaurant. Nice and relaxing:)


Sketti said...

OMG! I don't know how you manage...I would go absolutely mental I think if we had mice. I can't even stand crane flies bouncing around the flat in September. I'm such a huge sissy. In fact I was walking along the river the other summer and there was a grass snake slithering across right in front of me and I screamed bloody murder! I'm just glad there was no one around to hear me!
Hope you get rid of the mice soon. E x

Tammy Williams said...

We had a mouse when I first moved into this house but that was the last one I have seen. It was a cute one though so I didn't mind. I hope we never see one again!!!

Miss H. said...

With all my travels, I have never made it to the New England area. I am really hoping to go there at some point, from photos it is so beautiful!

I love mice, but I totally agree that it is pretty creepy to have them as roommates/housemates. Good luck on eliminating that problem before it becomes an infestation!

Desiree said...

Oh I feel so sorry for you, I hate mice too. Luckily we have a gazillion barn cats so we rarely see mice. Hopefully that exterminator will get it together and get rid of the creatures once and for all!

Zoe said...

Oh oh, maybe it is time to get a cat too! ;) We had mice, my husband finally put poison everywhere. I hated it. You also have to watch out because dogs tend to like to eat that stuff!

Evey, as for being more creative, I wish that I could understand sports a fraction of the amount that you do!! You are like every man's dream! :)

Andrea said...

Why don't you tell us how you REALLY feel about mice!? Ha ha! That does suck.

Alison said...

Maybe get a cat!!!