Saturday, May 19, 2007

Chris and Evey's night in pictures

As I mentioned in my previous post, Chris and I went out for supper tonight. It has been a while since we have had Italian so we decided to head out and enjoy a meal at Vinny T's. Plus we had a coupon we got in the mail for $10 off a purchase of $30 or more.
So Chris and I got ourselves all prettied up and away we went. We knew being a Saturday night that they would probably be a little on the busy side and we would have a bit of a wait. We figured it was not that big of a deal since we both were looking forward to a great supper. We arrived to find it WAY busier than we had anticipated but we decided the 45 minute wait was no biggie considering we had been waiting all day for it. Plus, on a Saturday night, you are pretty much going to have to wait no matter where you go. So we put our name on the list and headed into the bar. We were happy to find a couple of seats right away. Chris ordered a beer and I got a drink called The Blue Grotto which was a mix of Bacardi Rum, blue Curacao and pineapple juice. Can we just all take a minute to say YUMMY! We sat, talked, enjoyed our drinks and waited for our name to be called. We finished our drinks, paid our tab and waited for our name to be called. We moved from the seats we were in to let the next people along have a seat and waited for our name to be called. After an hour had gone by and our name still hadn't been called Chris went to have a look at where we where sitting on the list. The hostess apologized and it was really no biggie for us at the point considering how busy they were it could be worse. So we waited some more. Finally after another 20 minutes went by Chris went to talk with the hostess again only to find out that OUR table had been given to another "Chris, party of 2" and there we stood waiting for almost another half hour for a table. The hostess felt bad, she really did. She owned up to the fact she made a mistake in not getting the last name of the other Chris to make sure there would be no confusion. She assured as we would be compensated. Sure enough, the General Manager of the restaurant himself came and showed us to our table. He apologized over and over for the mix up and informed us that any appetizers and our first round of drinks would be on the house. SA-WEET!

I am not one for appetizers and stuff these days since I am watching what I eat and counting calories. Tonight however I decided to forget all about that for a few hours and enjoy my night out with my husband. We ordered two appetizers. Two you ask? Yes TWO! We figured they were free, why the heck not? And so we ordered......

Fried Mozzarella Marinara--Thick slices of pan-fried fresh mozzarella. Crisp on the outside, warm on the inside, with homemade marinara sauce

Vinny T’s Fried Ravioli--Jumbo three-cheese ravioli fried until crisp. Served with our homemade marinara

Chris of course ordered himself another beer and I hooked myself up with another blue grotto which incidentally matched my shirt, imagine that!
We had a fantastic supper. I ordered the Fettuccine Alfredo with chicken and broccoli......Chris went ahead and ordered the Fettuccine Carbonara with chicken......All in all, aside from the long wait we had a great supper. The food was fantastic and you cant go wrong with free appetizers and drinks. We have not been to this restaurant enough. The food is excellent and the portions are GINORMOUS! You definitely get your money's worth. We never ended up using the coupon--mainly because we were compensated $26.80 in appetizers and drinks.

We opted out of having dessert since we were so stuffed from supper. We did however make a trip to Starbucks for an after supper coffee. We were also out of coffee for the house and let me tell you, I would not have been a happy camper if I woke up to no coffee in the morning. It would not be pretty. We are home now, enjoying some wine and watching the Mariners beat the Padres. I hope you all enjoy the rest of your weekend. Stay tuned for my 5 favorite places to eat locally. You can thank Carly for this one.


Sketti said...

And I bet you smelled lovely as well! I mean the amount of time it took you to shower yesterday! lol! Sorry I missed talking to you. That drinky-poo sounded lovely! and the portion sizes! Huge! that would be enough calories for me for a whole week! Mental! So glad you had a nice time though. We do need the odd "splurge" sometimes even if it is a dinner out somewhere! 5 Sleeps! Can't wait!

Kirst said...

That food looks so good. Now I want some pasta and it is only 10:00am. And free appi's(?) and drinks to boot. Sounds like a good evening was had by all.

Andrea said...

Evey, you are looking GREAT! Good job!

Cupcake Blonde said... I want me some Vinny T's. I'll be heading there my next trip to Massachusetts.

QueenieCarly said...

So that's what you were text messaging me about. I'm glad you had a fun time. It looks like a pretty great place!