Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Farewell to the Heffernans

The King of Queens has been a favorite of ours ever since Chris and I started dating. We watch that show and it is so eerie how similar to them we are. The way they argue, how completely retarded they are. Sometimes it feels like the writers of that show have had a hidden camera in our house and use the footage for inspiration. Last night was the one hour series finale. It is always sad when your favorite shows come to an end. First there was Seinfeld, Friends and Alias and now King of Queens. Next year will see the end of another favorite of ours, Scrubs. Such is life, shows don't last forever but it is still sad to see them go and know that you will never see another new episode. All in all I was happy with how they wrapped the whole thing up. The ending was priceless when after they had skipped ahead to "one year later" Arthur came through the front door claiming "things didn't work out!" Referring to his marriage to Spence's mom and that he would be moving back in.


Andrea said...

I LOVE that show! It never fails to completely crack me up! I watch reruns of it all the time!

QueenieCarly said...

Okay, I'm convinced I've seen every episode until this season, but last night's finale? HATED IT! I was so disappointed. Sappy, happily ever after is not what I've come to expect from Doug & Carrie. It just seemed a really inconsistent ending to me.

Young Lady said...

I love that show!!