Tuesday, May 22, 2007

SNL - Weekend Update: Whitney Houston (05/19/07)

For those of you who have never seen Maya Rudolph do her Whitney Houston impression I promise this will make you laugh. It made me cry I laughed so hard. I love it!


Young Lady said...

good one lol

Cagle Clan said...

I LOVE SNL! Maya is so great....I love Amy too. I have to say my fave moments on SNL is when they start to lose it and are trying so hard not to break character...those moments make me laugh the most.
I feel like I haven't got to watch SNL in like a year! Ugh...I think I need to put it on DVR.

Tammy Williams said...

That's cool that she spells her name like our little Maya. I had no idea. I love her acting too!

Sorry that I haven't check in with you lately but you know how it goes. I had no idea about your weight loss until I read through your blog a little bit. COGRATULATIONS! Everyone around me seems to be losing weight and here I am just getting bigger...or at least my belly is! I can't wait until I have this baby so I can focus on my weight loss again.

When are you two coming out this way? This summer sometime???