Friday, July 20, 2007

Arnold Arboretum

The arboretum near our house is a great area full of trails and stuff. We have been meaning to take Belle there for her walks but have never really gotten around to it. We seem to always end up walking in our neighborhood. Earlier this week we decided to finally take her there. One thing that has probably made us a little hesitant in taking her places like that is the fact she does not generally do well in first meetings with other dogs. And we knew a place like this would always be full of dogs. But she has been getting better and we have a new training collar for her that has been working really well and allows us to have a lot more control over her when we are walking. Chris and I were both amazed at how well she did. The first dog we encountered was a rambunctious 6 month old puppy. We allowed the puppy to get right up in her face and surprisingly she did not react bad to him at all. We encountered a good handful of dogs in the hour or so we were there and she was perfectly fine each time. This was a real blessing for us to see as we have had so many issues with her in the past in regards to other dogs and her wanting to fight one that gets anywhere near her if she doesn't know it. She was a very good girl and yes she got herself lots of love and treats afterwards. We also took the camera and went a little picture crazy. You can see all of them by clicking HERE and heading on over to our picture blog.

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Andrea said...

Good job, Belle! Our dog used to be VERY anti-social, so I can totally understand the anxiety there! Nice pics, too!