Tuesday, July 17, 2007

I realize what a sucky blogger I have been the last few months. I really have no good excuse other than I have been busy. Even then I am sure that I could have squeezed in 10 minutes here and there for all of you who continue to come here amidst my suckiness.

We have been kinda going non stop the last few weeks. At least that is how it feels. Busy busy busy, although we have found some time for fun. A few weeks ago we spent a wonderful Sunday evening with our friends Kristen and Jeremy. They live in the north end and have no car so Chris and I went into the city to meet them. We had drinks at a cute little place called The Sail Loft followed by a great dinner (ribs and prime rib) at Joe's American Bar and Grill on the waterfront. We walked back to their place after supper and spent the rest of the evening having drinks and sitting on the rooftop of their apartment building. We talked the night away, literally. Chris and I didn't get home till 3 am. It was a great night and we look forward to our next night out with them. That is if they would stop going on vacation;)
Last week I went to see the movie Evening with my girlfriend Georgette. We had originally planned to see a different movie but I noticed this was playing at the little community theatre not far from our house. I had never been there before and I wanted to check it out. I also really wanted to see the movie and new Chris would never go to it with me. Super chick flick. I really enjoyed this movie and am glad I convinced Georgette to go to it. The theatre was super cute too.

We can't forget about Belle, she has been up to some stuff as well. Last week we arrived home from Costco with a much needed new doggie bed for her and she totally loves it. It looks like a little couch and is so cute. This past weekend she had a doggie friend over for the weekend. Canela, one of the dogs I walk spent the weekend at our place while her owners were in New York City for a wedding. I am sure both dogs loved having another dog around to go for walks with and to play with. We loved having Canela over for the weekend, she is such a good dog and a very sweet girl


Cupcake Blonde said...

Wow! You have been busy! I love Joe's, it is one of my favorite places to eat when I go to visit my parents. In fact I love most restaurants on any waterfront!

Sketti said...

We had to get Moose a new bed as well...only because he chewed his to peices while we were away and had to put him in the kennel. Poor Moose! We need to live closer so you can dog sit Moose when we go away!

Tammy Williams said...

Sounds like your summer is going well. Any plans for a vacation? We are thinking of heading up to the Seattle area in August sometime to visit family. Will you be going there too?

Kelley said...

It's nice that Belle gets to have buddies over. Most of our family and friends have dogs so Angus is always happy to his friends when they come over.