Sunday, September 30, 2007

Drunk at the Landromat

Last Saturday Chris and I went to the laundromat to do some laundry. The place we go is nice and is usually lacking any entertainment. Just what you would expect at the laundromat, people quietly going about their own laundry and minding their own business. But then there are days when you get lucky and someone walks through those doors and you just know your in for a fun night.

They first walked in around 6:30 pm. I was over by the dryers and they walked to the washing machines on the other side of the room. She was talking really loud and at first I thought she was handicapped. I do not mean that in a mean way at all. It was just how she was talking and the way she was saying some of her words. It was until Chris and I were folding laundry and she walked by us that we could smell the alcohol on her like a bad perfume. It was like she bathed in a tub of beer before she left. It was gross.

We couldn't help but laugh to ourselves as she was trying to put quarters in the dryers. Every two seconds she was asking the guy she was with "IS THIS OURS?" he would reply with a "no" and she would follow it up with "ARE YOU SURE, BECAUSE IF YOUR WRONG...." Then she could not figure out how to put the quarters in. You know how there is a slot for the coins and then the slot at the bottom that is for return. Well she kept asking him OVER AND OVER "WHICH ONE DO THEY GO IN" he would tell her the top one. But at the next dryer she would ask him again which one. I mean lady how much did you drink???? Then a few minutes later when she was by herself putting quarters in she put like 5 in and pushed the button for the dryer ABOVE the one she was using and then tried to yell at the girl who worked there like it was the machines fault and not her own drunkenness that made the mistake. She said something along the lines of "I PUT QUARTERS IN THERE, I AM A WORKING PERSON. WELL I GUESS IT ISN'T YOUR FAULT IT IS THE PEOPLE WHO HIRE YOU!" Then she walked off, staggered off is actually a better description of what she was doing. I have capitalized everything she said because yes she was actually that loud.

It amazes me that people at that age still get THAT drunk. Do you have no control? Do you have no self respect? It is sad, very very sad. This wasn't a teenager who was out having fun with her friends and had a few too many. This was a grown woman who drank herself silly and was so drunk she could barely walk or talk and couldn't do simple tasks that a 1st grader could probably do. Makes you wonder what she is like every other day of the week. Very sad, and yet offered us entertainment at the normally boring and quiet laundromat.

At least she wasn't drunk enough to do this..


Anonymous said...

Only you, Evey. Only you run into these people. Heh.

Cupcake Blonde said...

I have absolutely no patience with drunk people when I am sober. Which is why I stay away from any work parties.

Tammy Williams said...

That is a hilarious ending to a very funny blog. Nice one!

Andrea said...

Where do you find all of the comics!? They are always so funny!

Kelley said...

That was funny and sad at the same time. Great post Evey as always!

Zoe said...

That is so funny!! So sad but, well, at least she got her laundry done! :)