Sunday, September 09, 2007

Seahawks Win, Seahawks Win.....wooohooooo

Earlier today I posted as we were leaving to watch the Seahawks game. We are now home and the Hawks beat the Bucs 20-6. The first half was a little scary as we pretty much did nothing. But we came out to play in the second half and our D held them to only 2 field goals. Nice! Yes I am a dork, I know this. But you love it, and you love me. It is why you keep on coming back;)


Cupcake Blonde said...

You guys are so cute! I wish I could get this excited about something...although do jump around for the Oscars, so guess that is my Seahawks.

BecMama said...

You are a goof. Looks like you had Chris cracking up!

Andrea said...

I love it! Those pictures made me giggle!

Gianni said...

Well, Lofa's Loofah's (0-1) didn't quite take care of business, I guess that D-Jack guy's miss in the end zone cost you our matchup (were you watching? It was D-Jack vs Vernon Davis, both of which did squat all game for SF). Jet City Aces are 1-0. Trash talkin' is alive and well. =)

Happy 3rd Anniversary, you've got a way to catch up to my 10 years... wait, you can't catch up....

See you in week 5 again I think... (that's weird, eh?)

Go Canucks.

No Oilers, you can't have Forsberg.

John O.

Andrea said...

Happy Anniversary...a day late!!