Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The Other Williams Clan

Tammy and I have been friends for a long time. We met working at camp for the Salvation Army back in 1996. It took a while for us to actually become friends but once we did there was a period of time where we were inseparable. I remember one night staying up till the wee hours of the morning creating profiles with her on a dating site called Christian That seems like a lifetime ago and the funny thing is both Tammy and I ended up meeting our husbands on that very site. We both ended up married to Americans and living in the United States. Tammy lives just outside of Portland, Oregon with her husband Jeremy and their two beautiful kids, Maya and Declan. Last year when Chris and I were in Seattle we made the point of going down to see them but it was a short visit (only a few hours) before Chris and I needed to be heading back to Seattle. Tammy was VERY pregnant with Maya then and ended up having her I think a week after we were at their house. This time around we made a point of spending a little more time with them.

We arrived at their house Saturday evening and spent the night before heading back to Seattle Sunday afternoon. We had a great time. We enjoyed an evening of wine and games and lots of laughs. Sunday Jeremy cooked us all breakfast and then we watched the Seahawks game before we hit the road. We wish we could see you guys more often. I can't wait till we live closer and there doesn't have to be so long in between visits.

Tammy will kill me for posting this pic. ha! It was VERY late and we were enjoying our wine:)

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Tammy Williams said...

You're right - your pictures turned out better than ours did. Oh and YES I AM GOING TO KILL YOU...haha. Thanks for a fun time. We hope you move closer soon! Maybe you can move to Portland or somewhere like that!!!