Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Sweet Dreams

Chris and I have had a crappy. old and very ugly futon for the longest time. We live in a very small apartment so a futon best suits us as we get to use it for both bed and couch. We have been needing a new one for the longest time and just never got around to it. Finally we got a new one last night. HOOORAY! Chris's mom and dad actually paid for most of it as a gift which we are so very grateful to them, we feel very very blessed that they did this for us.

The futon we got is a queen, which is bigger than our old one. We love the wood finish it on. We just got a forest green cover for it last night for the time being. This weekend we will prob head over to a futon store near our place and get a different one that comes with pillows and stuff.


Kelley said...

That looks perfect Evey. I'd love a futon for our downstairs den/computer room. Currently we have a ratty old sofa bed. Ugh!

kristen said...

a comfortable couch and bed makes a big difference. enjoy it!