Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Shawn, Celeste and Rockband

Dinner with friends: Jen, Ryan, Shawn, Celeste, Me and Chris
A few months ago our friend Shawn got the RockBand bundle for Xbox 360. I didn't think I would enjoy it..boy was I wrong. Chris and I spent quite a few evenings at Shawn and Celeste's "rocking out" till the wee hours of the morning. It was so much fun. If you do not know what Rock Band is go Basically it comes with a guitar, drum kit and microphone. You can also get a bass guitar for it. You form a band, customize your person, band name etc. You then get to play all different gigs. If you suck you get booed off stage and lose points, money and fans. The better you do as a group the more venues become available, the more rewards you gain such as a private jet so you can go on a world tour. You can chose you own song sets or do mystery song sets etc. Your color coded notes scroll down the screen and you have to hit them at the correct time and place. The vocalist not only has to sing on pitch but also at certain times in songs has to tap on the microphone for tambourine etc. It was so much fun. We named our band Shuttytown. Chris was our drummer and his name was Bubka. We got our band name and the name Bubka from episodes of the King of Queens. I was the bass player and my name was Roxanne. Shawn was lead guitar and his name was Hansel and Celeste was our lead singer and her name was Kat.
"Bubka" rocking outMy new buddy I met on Shawn and Celeste's lawn Shawn's father in law made him this walking stick for Christmas, how awesome is that?Ana and Alyssa thought it would be fun to pile all the pillows and blankets on ChrisWe spent new years eve this year at with Shawn and Celeste and about 8 other people. We all met a Red Robin for dinner then back to to Shawn and Celeste's for a night of games and stuff. We had a really good time, and of course we all played Rockband. Alyssa and AnaShawn and ChrisChris and I are blessed to have such good friends in Shawn and Celeste. We miss them a ton and enjoy the time we do get so spend with them. We love you guys, and yes Shawn I mean that even when you call at supper time EVERY night ;) Go Hawks!!

Chris and I with Shawn and Celeste's twin girls Alyssa and Ana

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