Monday, December 05, 2011

Adventures in Christmas Trees


 Any guesses what we did tonight?

We actually got out tree yesterday. It didn't have a very good start to it's life with us but that was yesterday and today we have welcomed Treevey into our lives with open arms. We of course had a strand of lights out which required a trip to Rite Aid to get some new ones. This of course gave us the excuse for a stop at Starbucks for Peppermint Mocha's and Peppermint Brownie Cake Pops. So the tree is up and decorated, we watched Elf which has become our tradition when putting up the tree. Belle was no help, she just laid on the couch and watched. Go figure!

Tomorrow we will get to the rest of the decorations and the outside lights and then all we need to do is finish our Christmas shopping.

Now if someone could just order me a white Christmas we will be in business!!


QueenieCarly said...

Cute tree! We still need to get one. I think that is going to happen this weekend. (Cross your fingers for me!) I just can't wait to get all of my decorations out!!

Just Dave said...

By the way the tree looks really good and Elf, one of my favorite funny Christmas movies!

QueenieCarly said...

What was I talking about? That tree looks stupid!


Kevin Hill said...

WOW Evey thats a great looking tree. whoever picked that tree sure has a great eye for christmas tree's