Friday, December 02, 2011

Tis The Season...Or Is It?

The calendar says it is Dec 2nd. The Christmas tree lots, the lights and the Christmas music everywhere would suggest it is indeed the Christmas season. But I am just not feeling it.

Perhaps it is just simply that we haven't decorated yet. Hopefully that will all be taken care of this weekend. Hopefully by this time tomorrow night, the tree will be up and we will be watching a Christmas movie and sipping on a glass or two of wine. But even then--something tells me it still might be missing some white stuff of the flaky nature (and I'm not talking about dandruff...)

Growing up in Edmonton, Alberta I am used to long, cold and snowy winters. Call me crazy but I loved those winters and I miss them. The cold and the snow just adds to the beauty of the Christmas season, at least for me. Even when we lived in Boston we always had a white Christmas. Winters there are not quite as cold, long or snowy as Alberta winters but they were good enough. We enjoyed some great storms out there and most importantly had snow during this season. I miss that.

It's not like we have sunny balmy weather here right now or anything. Sure it's a little cold but I assure you it likely won't snow here one bit this year. Just like it didn't last year. That makes me sad. Perhaps I should invest in a snow machine. At least that way I can make my own snow whenever I want.

How about you? What gets you in the Christmas spirit?


PandA said...

You're having Bostonitis -- withdrawls for snowy, wintery, white weather! ;) I'm not feelin' it either yet this year, and mom said she isn't either... maybe you should start shopping, that could cure it!! ;)

...Me I want a hula hoop! :D

Evey said...

Hula Hoop it is!

Anonymous said...

i had this last year, i had to fake it till i made it. totally works too, just turn on your christmas music and get decorating.

it is only the beginning of the season, give yourself time!

Just Dave said...

Just snowed another 3 or 4 inches today here on Edmonon, yup! Hehe

QueenieCarly said...

Funny. I posted about what puts me in the Christmas spirit last night, too! :) Christmas cards! I even brought some to the resort!

kristen said...

I did a post on what puts me in the Christmas spirit today :) Mostly- movies, red cups, and Christmas trees!

We don't have snow yet, and I have to admit- I'm just fine with that even if it means it feels a little less Christmasy.

Victorylane said...

Ill take some Christmas Muzak please and lots of Christmas themed movies.