Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Letters to Santa

Every year Chris and I make Christmas lists. Mostly they are for each other, but we also send them out to those in our families who like to have an idea of anything we might be needing or wanting in particular. I always feel like a little kid sitting in her room creating a letter to Santa, writing down all the things I wish for.

I really am a pretty easy person to shop for. It really doesn't take much to put a big smile on my face and have me giddy as a Christmas ham. In fact, a new pair of socks with a fun design on them has been known to make my day. I don't expect much and I always grateful for whatever I am given. 

What I love more than getting presents is giving them. I LOVE Christmas shopping. I really really love it. I love giving someone something I know they wanted or even something I totally just bought on a whim but knowing they love it. It makes me so happy. 

What is on my wish list this year you ask? An Oilers jersey, a Kinect, socks, slippers, light for my kindle etc. 

So, what is on your wish list?

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Anonymous said...

Hmm, mine's a lot bigger! (mostly because it's things we can't afford to buy!)
Lululemon hoodie, kitchen table, kitchenaid stand mixer, BATHROOM! (we have no tub & Brier is becoming too big for her baby bath...), kitchen cupboards....

Let's just say that with a list like that...I'm not holding my breath!