Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Yes, I am still alive...

So anyways, I am still alive. Whenever I get onto the computer, at least until recently, it has always been at the library or at the shop at work. So I really don't have the time--actually, I rarely remember, which is the REAL truth--to post a blog. But now since we have our new 'puter, I'll try to write some stuff and be all witty and whatnot. Besides, I just usually blog about sports, and most of our readership--which is mostly Yvonne's friends and family--aren't necessarily sports fans.

So our Dell is pretty sweet--Dimension 3000--80 gig hard drive, 512 MB RAM, 2.66 Gig Intel Celeron Processor, 16x DVD-ROM drive, 48x CD-RW drive. Speakers and a 17" monitor as well. We also got 1 year warranty and tech support--all for $345. I was pretty pleased with the deal. I especially dig the DVD drive, especially if I can figure out how to burn them. I think you can, I am just not sure how yet. Unfortunately, AT&T doesn't currently have DSL in our area as of yet, so we have to suffer with dial-up connection for a while. But hey, it's better than nuthin'. So anyways, I'll be posting more regularly now, so all y'all better get used to it!


Anonymous said...

Yo brother, it is good to hear from you. well i guess i could just call and talk, gotta do more of that.
Good to hear you got a computer at such a great deal. Dial-up, ouch, well better than what i have, nothing!!!
Still constantly wirred???

Anonymous said...

Dude, more sports is what makes this world happen. Screw the cowbell, I need more sports!

In the words of the great Jack Handy:

It takes a big man to cry, but it takes a bigger man to laugh at that man.

Anonymous said...

That last one was Shawn btw.