Monday, August 08, 2005

I have been getting the what for from some of ya'll as to why I have not been blogging much as of late. I really do not have a good excuse other than I simply don't always feel like blogging just for the sake of blogging, I sometimes would like to actually have something interesting to say. But exciting or not here I am and here I shall ramble for a bit:)

We had a pretty uneventful weekend. The guys had their last softball game Friday which they wussed out on cause the field was wet. They didn't want to "hurt" themselves for the upcoming playoffs. So we all headed out to "Wild Willie's" for some burgers. And good burgers they were. My allergies have been pretty bad lately so I felt like crap most of the weekend and we pretty much stayed home. Today I went to the church to help Amy paint what used to be the nursery and will soon be the new office. We went over to another friends for dinner and then we went and met Chris so he didn't have to come all the way to pick me up. And that's that, like I said...pretty uneventful.

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