Friday, August 05, 2005

So as you can see the bogeyman did NOT get me the other night. I survived and am here to tell about it. I will let Chris post later about his night out the other night, I will say though that he had a good time.

Chris had an MRI today, he will find out the results on Tuesday. So until then he will continue to lay on the couch and ice it lots. Good thing he actually took some vacation time so he doesn't have to work till Wednesday. We were gonna go camping this weekend, but for the sake of Chris's knee we thought it would be better we don't go. The guys have their last softball game tonight (before the playoffs of course), Chris obviously is not playing. Of course he will still be there as he is the coach and all.

I have yet to decide if I will venture out to the game tonight, my allergies have gone mad and my acid reflux is doing a number on me right now. So in other words I feel like C-R-A-P!! That along with the fact benadryl is the only thing that even remotely helps my allergies and it just makes me feel like I am in a fog. Time to go back to the doctor and get something figured out.


Lori said...

Poor little muffin. Hope you both are better soon.

Miranda said...

Allergies suck! Hope you feel better soon.

True Jersey Girl said...

My allergies are acting up too. Hope you get it all sorted out!