Monday, August 08, 2005

The McClees Family

From left to right is Chris, Me, Grandpa McClees and his wife Char, John and Linda (Chris's parents), Trevor is standing in front of Linda, Alicia, Paul, Grandma and Grandpa Williams, Andrea, Bryan (Chris's bro) and Gavin in the front.

So this is a pic from Alicia's (Chris's sister) wedding June 27/04. She sent me this pic the other day and I think its awesome. It's rare you get a pic of this many people that actually looks good.


Angie's Angle said...

What a beautiful great photo. Thanks for sharing :)

Tammy Williams said...

Nice Photo! I hope we will have one of the family soon. Jeremy and I are heading to Whidbey Island two weekends from now for his grandparent's wedding anniversary. I can finally see if Whidbey would be a nice place to have our wedding.

Family Of Five said...

What a beautiful family!!