Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Christmas With the Williams Clan

I started with such promise. Here I was in Seattle and I blogged like three days in row. It was so exciting to think that I would blog everyday and give you lots of exciting stories and tales to get you through your holiday. But then reality set in and I became the great blogging slacker that you have all come to grow and love. ;)

Chris and I have been having a wonderful time here and are sad to see it end in just a few days. At first I thought that 18 days was WAY too long. But I am now thankful that we were able to have this time to spend with our friends and family and not feel rushed or that I am having to leave anyone out. It has been nice.

When I last left you we were headed out to Chris's aunts house for his mom's side of the family Christmas. A good time is always had by all. All the great wine may have something to do with it;) There was approx 25 people there. We had a great day spending time with family we don't get to see very often, exchanging gifts, eating great food and enjoying copious amounts of wine. Below are some pictures of our day.

Chris and I

Alicia and Paul Aunt Kathy and McMom (Linda)
Paul and Chris
McMom and Alicia
Siblings - Lief, Aileen, Kathy and Linda
Me and Andrea
Me, Andrea and Alicia
Paul, Alicia and Chris
Dad (John) and his new best friend
Chris and Bryan Aunt Kathy and MeSiblings - Alicia, Chris and Bryan
What a great night with the whole family. Stay tuned for more in the lives of the McCleeses.


Zoe said...

How fun! What a great looking family you have! I love the ET doll!! LOL!

Linda MacTravel said...

More wine anybody???