Wednesday, January 23, 2008

A Royal Affair: A Duke Gets Married

Chris's younger cousin Alex Duke got married in Chehalis Washington on December 29th. The wedding was originally planned for this summer, but Alex--who recently joined the Marine Corps--will most likely be getting deployed to Iraq in the near future. SO they decided to get married now before that happens. Good for them, they are young and such a cute couple and Chris and I are very happy for both of them. The ceremony was beautiful and Alex was dressed in his full Marine uniform. The wedding also gave us a chance to see relatives on Chris's dad's side of the family that we wouldn't have seen otherwise, so that was nice.

Alex and Chris

Me and Chris
Mr. and Mrs. Alex Duke
Chris and I, Mom and Dad, Paul and Alicia

Grandpa and Char McCleesHow cute are the rubber duckies!?!
Me, Chris, Paul and Alicia after our blue cake
Bubble time


Linda MacTravel said...

Oh yes...and John and I were married in that same sanctuary just over 35 years ago! Memories...

Andrea said...

Nice pictures!