Wednesday, November 08, 2006

This and That

While I still feel like crap I could not go another day without blogging about my joy in hearing that Britney Spears has finally woke up and filed for divorce from that poor excuse for a man. I feel for her, I don't know what made her think marrying him or having not only one but two kids with him was such a great idea. I hope he gets nothing from her. I find it humorous he is going to challenge her custody fight by fighting for custody himself. Is there a judge or court in this world that would award him custody of those kids?! I really doubt it. While I don't support the idea of divorce, in this case how could you not bend your own beliefs just a little.

It is funny how just last week I was so sad to hear about Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Philippe. I LOVE Reese Witherspoon and I really thought they were one couple that the rumors about splitting would not be true. When I read Britney had filed for divorce I was happy, does that make me a bad person? LOL.

Anywho....Enough about the celebrity world.

I cannot believe how fast December is approaching. Chris and I had originally planned to go to Edmonton for Christmas this year but since plane tickets are ridiculously expensive right now we have decided to wait till February and go then when it is cheaper. I am a little sad, but its only an extra month or so we have to wait to see everyone. We may still go to Seattle, but only if we find a super good deal on tickets, which right now is not looking so promising. Oh the joy of living so far from home.

I think this cold/flu may finally be starting to vacate my body. While I still feel like crap, I definitely feel much better than I did yesterday.

The Oilers started a 5 game road trip last night. They lost in a shootout to the Montreal Canadians. At least they got a point out of it unlike last Friday night when they were robbed of at least one point by a stupid referring "mistake." Tonight they take on the Detroit Red Wings and it might be a tough one. While I don't think the Red Wings are all that great anymore they do have some crazy talent (when they decide to show up) and the Oil will be tired from a game last night. Either way...GO OILERS!!


Tammy Williams said...

I heard about Britney...poor girl! I feel bad for anyone who divorces after having kids. What a mess.
Glad you are feeling better.

Andrea said...

Funny...those were my exact feelings about the two latest celeb breakups! I'm still hopeful for Reese and Ryan, tho, as they are technically just separating right now. Britney on the other hand...she couldn't figure that one out BEFORE having TWO children!? Oy! Sad, sad. Glad to hear you're starting to feel better.

Kirst said...

I felt the same way about Reese and Ryan. They seemed like such a nice couple. And good riddance K-Fed.
Glad to hear your sickness is on its way out.
Maybe I'll get to see you in February. That would be great. Too bad about Christmas though.

Family Of Five said...

I felt the same about the break ups too!!! However... I don't care much for Britney either... she is kinda nasty skanky! I so love that Reese girl too! So sad! I always hate to hear people having kids splitting up .... because I know how difficult it makes things on the kids! Anyways glad you are feeling better!

Joy and Darrin said...

Is it just me or does anyone else think that having a sh**load of money helps with the whole kid-divorce thing?? When you can pay for all the help you need and you're happy...
Let's predict who's next.
Pam and Kid Rock?
Glad to hear you are feeling better.

Cupcake Blonde said...

I hope you feel better soon!

I too did a dance fo joy when I heard the news she finally wisened up. Too bad it took her two kids to figure it out (Although I am thinking she did not want to divorce him while pregnant. And it was her fault she got knocked up the second time. Poor thing didn't think one could get pregnant while breast-feeding. She found out the hard way.)

I was upset about Reese and Ryan too. I thought they made a great couple. And if you believe all the tabloids he was cheating on her which makes me very angry.

It does not make you a bad person to be happy for Britney. It makes you human!