Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Belle, Brooms and Showers

As some of you may know, my dog is terrified of the broom. She knocked it over once and it scared the crap out of her, ever since she won't even walk by it. So the other day Chris was gone and out and I went to have a shower, but since we have so much chocolate and candy and stuff laying around from Christmas I didn't want to leave her out to get at all of it. I knew if put her in her kennel she would just bark, so I decided to lock her in the bathroom with me figuring she would just lay down by the door. So I get in the shower and not even a minute later do I notice she is at the shower curtain trying to get in the bath. It was the oddest thing cause Belle HATES the bathtub, getting her into the tub is always a great challenge. Anyways before I knew it she had jumped in the tub with me while I was in the shower. WHAT THE HECK!! I could not figure out how or why my dog just jumped into the tub when there was water running. So I get her out only to notice the broom was leaning up against the wall by the door. She is so darn scared of the broom she got in the shower with me, it was the funniest thing.

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