Friday, December 17, 2004

My crazy dog!

So normally when Chris goes to bed, Belle follows him and she snuggles in under the blankets and goes to sleep with him. Normally she likes to sleep in between us under the blankets, but after a while it gets to hot for her and she gets all panty and stuff so she has to come out and lay on top. So last night like every other night she did the same, she was snuggled between us when she had to come out for air. But instead of just laying at the end of the bed she decided she wanted to play. So she went and got her squeaky bone and was in my face with it, so we got mad at her and took it away and told her to lay down. So she did. For like THREE SECONDS. After that it was up and down, lick your face, like your feet, under the blankets, on top of the blankets. ARGH! Finally she decided to settle on top of the blankets but directly in between us, which doesn't work because when she does that all the blankets end up in the middle and Chris and I are left on either side with a very big draft. It was so frustrating, but finally she crawled back under the blankets and assumed her position snuggled between us and finally we all got to sleep.

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