Thursday, December 16, 2004

Day 5 Wednesday September 22

We spent the afternoon hanging out with Tab and her mom. First Chris, Tab and I went to a State Park not too far away where they had these old castle ruins. The park was called Ha Ha Tonka State Park. Check it out it, it was very pretty there. Check out the photo galleries on that website. After we left there we headed back to Tab's place and had pizza with her and her mom. It was so nice to relax without having to drive. But alas, we had to get on the road. Around 5 pm or so we headed out. Unfortunately when we got into St. Louis it was already dark so our pictures never turned out. But we did go see the arch and it was awesome, that thing is huge. Well because it was dark we didn't spend too much time in St. Louis, but we did drive around the city a little bit and saw the Savvis Center (hockey) and Busch Stadium (St. Louis Cardinals).

And so yet again, we were on the road. We drove for quite a while into the night. Through Southern Illinois and into Indiana. Once we both started to get really tired, we pulled into a town in Indiana called Cloverdale for the night. Which I found kinda funny because I used to live in a town called Cloverdale in the Vancouver area.

Today we traveled in Missouri, Illinois and Indiana.

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