Saturday, July 30, 2005

First of all I want someone to tell me why people in the entire city of Boston and surrounding area CANNOT drive! It's scary, I mean if I told you half the things people do here in regards to driving you probably wouldn't believe me. After being here 9 months the stupidity of people still amazes me. Some people may argue with me that drivers in New York or LA are worse. My argument in that is that there is really no comparison in New York city cause there is a bazzilion more cars, so of course they are going to be worse. Los Angeles on the other hand I really don't think are worse. Sure I don't drive there all the time, but in L.A it's really more that people drive fast. Here they are just plain stupid. And it's darn scary!!

Onto other things...Amy and Troy and Becca and Travis came over for dinner before the softball game last night. My dog had 'people overload' and was stinking excited. At least she calms down after a few minutes. Either that or waits for Chris to lay down the law, then she knows its time to take it down a notch.

The guys played their 7th game last night, going into it they were 5 and 1, and the team they were playing were 6 and 0. The team they played ended up being a bunch of LOUD and OBNOXIOUS army guys. One of the guys was SO LOUD I wanted to throw something at him to shut him up. And he was just an ass, for example..They didn't really get anything good going off of Troy who pitches for us until the 7th inning. Then he was like "what happened pitcher you were good 1 through 6" blah blah blah! Then he was making fun of Chris...Chris hurt himself in the later part of the game, I will let him blog about that but let's just hope and pray it's no big deal and not a torn MCL like he thinks it is. Anyways they were just a bunch of jerks, but the good news is that we beat them 21-11:) And now we are 6 and 1 and tied for second place. Although I guess that depends on whether the 1st place team won last night or not we may be all 3 tied for 1st.

Today will be a lazy Saturday, especially with Chris's knee out of commission for the time being. Good thing we got 2 new movies from Netflix in the mail today!!


Lori said...

What movies did you get? Nice new look you have been busy today.

Evey said...

Yes it was time for a change! :) Movies....we have Meet the Fockers and Star Wars:Episode One. I want to watch Episodes 1 and 2 again before I see the 3rd. Anywho, i am off to make enchiladas for supper. YUM!

True Jersey Girl said...

All that matters is that you guys WON! Screw the other guys!