Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Things You Always Wanted To Know

I got this from Robin's blog and thought I would do it too. And yes I like to steal from her blog;)

What I was doing ten years ago: Wow, that's a long time ago. Too the best of my knowledge at this time 10 years ago I was working at camp. woohoo. In general though I was in high school and spending most of my free time in a blue Volkswagen convertible named Floyd and drinking lots and lots of coffee.

5 years ago: Hmmmm, I was living in Edmonton I believe in my brothers basement and working nights at the University of Alberta and spending my free time with Tammy drinking coffee. LOL

1 year ago: I was getting ready to get married and move cross country to Boston from Seattle

Yesterday: Trying to figure out how we are going to survive the rest of this God awful humid summer with no A/C

5 snacks I enjoy:
Reese's Peanut Butter Cups
Ice Cream, Ice Cream and some more Ice Cream
Chips and Salsa

5 songs I know all the words to: Hmmmmmmmm
ANYTHING by Sarah McLachlan
Cover Girl - New Kids on the Block LOL
Steve McQueen - Sheryl Crow
Goodbye Earl - Dixie Chicks
Theme song for Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. HAHA

5 Things I would do with $100 million:
Pay off all of our debts and the debts of our families.
Build our dream home
Take 6 months to travel Scotland

5 locations I would like to run away to:Hawaii
New Zealand

5 bad habits I have:
I never put the cap back on the tooth paste
I stay up too late and then can't get out of bed in the morning.
I never replace the toilet paper roll
Always take off my seatbelt and start to open door before car comes to complete stop
I always slam car doors too hard

5 things I like doing:
Going for drives just to explore.
Watching movies.
Going to starbucks with hubby

5 things I would never wear:
Thong Bikini LOL
Hot Pink lipstick
Baseball pants
Real Fur

5 things on TV I like:
Animal Planet
Discovery and Discovery Health Channels
The Learning Channel
Amazing Race
The King of Queens

Ok so that was more than 5, so sue me:P

5 Biggest joys of the moment:
My hubby
My friends
Our church
My doggie:)
Working in my garden as lame as my garden may be:)

5 Favorite toys:
Our new computer
Our soon to be digital camera
My new coupon organizer
DVD player

Thanks for the idea Robin, this was fun to fill out!


Robin said...

Great answers Evey! A habit! Hahaha.

Evey said...

ISnt that hot though, I mean dont ya burn your butt when you sit down on a hot day? LOL

Angie's Angle said...

OH I need to do this later tonight. Fun fun lol

Lori said...

I so KNOW you don't put the toothpaste lid on! Grr! Ha ha. That's ok though I still love you. These were fun. I would totally wear a Habit. I would not wear fur though, it would be toooo hot.

kristen said...

So you got a coupon organizer eh? Does that officially make you Super Coupon Girl or whatever it was that he was calling you?

Evey said...

iI think it might LOL

True Jersey Girl said...

NKOTB? Oh my....

Evey said...

Sad isnt it. LOL its just one of those songs I have NEVER forgotten. I admit it, when I was 12 I was a NKOTB junkie:)

1 said...

Big Bro in Edm...

1 said...

I remember all the NKOTB posters in you room, and lots of tapes and cd's, you were a geek. Or mayby you still are? New album out by the boys, whoohooo....
Big bro in Edm...

Evey said...

I WAS goodness! What world do u live in that they have a new album out? lol. They would have to still sing to do that:P And hey i could start picking at some of your less than cool phases:P stop picking on me! ha!

Evey said...

Oh and Dave, dont forget all the posters I had all over that room at the bottom of the basement stairs and u had to walk through it all everytime u went to your bedroom! HAHAHA!

Angie's Angle said...

OH I forgot to mention that I too know most of the wrods to Steve McQueen & Goodbye Earl. Good songs hehe

1 said...

don't worry it's not new kids with a new album it's the back street boys although they are pretty close to the same aren't they???

1 said...

don't worry it's not new kids with a new album it's the back street boys although they are pretty close to the same aren't they???

Evey said...

yes it is the backstreet boys. lol. Dont worry I am well past that phase in my life:) Hey, howcome you arent on msn:P

Tammy Williams said...

Ok so kill me, I am not as into this blog thing (YET) as much as everyone else seems to be. I just read this blog and your assumption about what we were doing 5 years ago was about right. Holy Moly....TIME FLIES!!! Too bad that crazy drunk guy couldn't fly on out of Keegan's coffee house earlier that night....:)

Evey said...

LOL....yeah Tam....sitting at Keegans is exactly what we were doing, hehe! If we werent at Kareoke of times! And i will NEVER forget that scary man Remember how fast I was driving cause we were so freaked out. lol. Like he was going to peddle his bike that fast! HAHAH!