Wednesday, July 27, 2005

I Wish the Power Would Stop Going Out

It has been really hot and humid here again lately, as it has been everywhere. Anyways we have no A/C so it gets pretty hot in here at times. Well last night just as we were getting ready to go walk the dog around 9pm the power went out. The last time the power went out it didn't come back on till 2 AM or so. So we headed over to Starbucks where they have their A/C BLASTING and it feels wonderful. We even got our drinks for free...woohoooo. I like when that happens. Anyways when we got home around 10:30 pm the power was back on. Nice! Fast forward to 2:30 AM when I wake up in a SAUNA....only to realize the power had gone out again. I don't know what time it came back on, all I know is it scared the crap outta me when the fans started blowing all loud.


Lori said...

I can only imagine how funny that was when the fans came back on! Boy am I laughing! Remember the power outage of '03 in Ontario and down into the States? That was in the summer and we had no cooling off at all, and I was so fat and pregnant. Sheesh we got hit with that. Every time the power goes out, I think we are going to be stuck without power for days and days. I am sorry you are stuck with these crappy outages, why do they keep happening?

Evey said...

LOL...I am laughing again now too. It was funny, my heart was racing a million times a minute! HAHA! And I damn near fell off the bed.

I dont know what caused the outage this time, but last time they said it was the heat was causing transformers to blow and stuff.

True Jersey Girl said...

Summer would be so great if it wasn't so HUMID. And if the A/C would just stay on!!!

Jodi said...

You are welcome to come live here for a few days. We have been having highs in the mid 60's (see me in my sweatshirt and jeans, still FREEZING?)

We are usually around 100 this time of year so I don't know what the deal is. Freaky South Dakota Weather! :)