Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Happy Anniversary

Happy Anniversary Honey!!!

Evey--I love you SO much, and I am very happy that God brought you into my life. There are many things that you are to me and you mean to me and you do for me that I will always love and appreciate...

You are my calming force.
You are my daily planner.
You make me strive towards becoming better.
You do my laundry.
You tell me where a clean pair of my underwear is when I need it.
You are the banker.
You are a great cook, and I am spoiled by the way you feed me.
You are a great friend and I feel that I can tell you anything.
You are very funny.
You love your puppy very much.
You don't always agree with my opinion, but you respect it.
You forgive me when I am retarded.
You love hockey.
You love the Oilers.
You take care of me when I am sick.
You have a great personality that others are drawn to.
You have a wonderful laugh.
You are confident enough with yourself not to care what others think of you.
You tolerate me watching golf or soccer on TV.
You are a great kisser.
You are very beautiful.
You know when I am not at my best and you help me.
You are full of great ideas.
You are very accepting of others.
You love God with all of your heart.
You love me.
I love you.

I could go on with this list forever, but I need something to blog next anniversary too ;)


Alison said...

Great tribute!!!!

Andrea said...

That is SOOOOOO sweet! Happy Anniversary you two!

Kelley said...

Cute pic! Happy Anniversary!

Miranda said...

Wow! You've got a "keeper" Eve!

Family Of Five said...

Brought a tear to my eye!

Anonymous said...

That is so sweet! You guys are awesome!

It was so great to meet you at the wedding last weekend and I was so excited when Johnny posted this link on his site.

Congratulations you two!

Jodi said...

Awwwww! Happy Anniversary to you both!

Cupcake Blonde said...

This is the best post ever! Chris you are sweet and Evey is a very lucky girl. (Although you are pretty lucky too!)