Monday, September 11, 2006

Happy Monday

Hope everyone had a great weekend. Chris and I are still recovering from ours.

We have been having a great time since we have been here. Friday night was the rehearsal dinner for the wedding we came out here for. We were invited to the dinner because we were "out of town guests." Dinner was at a Thai restaurant in Seattle called the Thai Pearl. I had never had Thai food before so it was fun to try new things. After dinner a bunch of us headed back to Jen and Ryan's (bride and groom) to hang out. It turned out to be a very late night but a very fun time. We got home at 3am and were up at 8. Saturday we got up and drove out to our friends Shawn and Celeste's place so Celeste could cut my hair for me. When we moved to Boston their twins were just babies so it was so fun to see them now at 2 1/2 and SO cute.After we left there we headed over to Remlinger Farms where Andrea's mom was having her company picnic. Andrea and I sat and ate food while the boys played catch with the football.

I have a gazillion more things to blog about, the wedding being the main attraction. But that will have to wait till later. I will however post some pics

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Andrea said...

Clearly, they can't keep their hands off each other! How did you manage to get a picture of them laughing and not screaming at each other!? Ha!