Friday, September 08, 2006

I'm Leaving On a Jet Plane

Actually I already did, and I survived to tell the tale.....

We dropped Belle off at her new digs for the next week or so. I am sure she doesn't even know we are gone.

When we got to the airport yesterday in Boston we were pleasantly surprised that we didn't have a huge line to wait in and that security went way quicker and smoother than we thought. Everyone talks about it like it is the worst thing ever and it really wasn't. By the time we arrived at the airport it was just after 1 pm and we had yet to eat. So once we went through security we decided to track some food down. Unfortunately, unless you want to spend a gazillion dollars at the airport for something halfway decent, you need to settle for crappiness. So we had Burger King, I only had a Whopper Jr. and I barely could finish it as my stomach was in knots thinking about flying.

Before we knew it was time to board the plane. We were in row 15 which wasn't too bad, our seats were in front of the wing on the left side of the plane. The cool thing was that on our side of the plane there are only 2 seats as opposed to 3. So we had our little row all to ourselves. Before long the plane was taxiing down the runway and not too long after we were speeding down the runway and off we went. I did much better than I thought I would and much better than I have in the past. Once we were in the air I calmed down, settled into my seat with my book and my music. At one point we hit a crazy patch of turbulence for about 20 seconds, and it scared the BEJESUS out of me. The plane was all over the place it was like a scary ass rollercoaster ride and for a few seconds and I was convinced I was about to meet my maker. It even scared Chris a little, but that was probably mostly due to the fact he had just dozed off and I grabbed his leg in my moment of sheer terror. LOL. The pilot came on a few minutes later and apologized, he was like, "sorry about that jolt folks, that was a little unexpected." GEE ya think!?!?! Before I knew it we were starting our descent into Chicago O'Hare airport. The landing was amazing, softest and smoothest landing I have ever experienced on a plane.

Once we got off the plane we learned our flight from Chicago to Seattle had been delayed by an hour. So to kill time we just walked and wandered all over O'Hare. We had some McNasty's cause we were hungry. We did find this cool huge interactive TV touch-screen by Accenture--you can just walk up to it, and touch on any of the topics on the screen (weather, news, sports, etc) and off you go. It was actually pretty cool.

Alright--Evey had to go take a quick shower, so I will be guiding you on the second leg of our journey. The flight to Seattle out of O'Hare was pretty unexciting and uneventful. We did hit a couple of semi-bumpy patches of turbulence, but nothing like the first flight. Evey did however get to sit next to a nice girl--probably about our age, who was also talking A LOT because she was scared. I was on the window seat and I mentioned to Evey, "you found your Bosom Buddy, didn't ya?" Luckily, once the plane took off, she decided to go sleep in the unoccupied row behind us. I seriously don't think I would have been able to take her babbling all flight long.

So other than the fact that it took our luggage forever to get to the baggage claim carousel and we didn't leave the airport until about an hour had passed since we landed....everything went seamlessly. So here we are in Seattle, going to Jen and Ryan's wedding, visiting family and friends and rooting the Hawks on!


Kirst said...

Glad everything went well. Have fun at the wedding. Tell us all about it when you get back. Have a great trip.

Jenn said...

you did it. it's amazing how many people don't like to fly. I don't mind it, it just gets a little boring sitting there for hours. Hope you have a gerat time.

Tammy Williams said...

Let us know what your plans are. We will be patiently waiting at home most of the time for this baby to arrive so you can pop by anytime.

Kelley said...

Hope you guys had fun? Was the weather decent? It was sort of crappy in Vancouver on Sat. At only about 250 miles away, the 2 cities usually share similar weather.

Bumbling Bav said...

YOur so near me... yet still so far!