Monday, December 27, 2004

Buried in Snow

We woke up this morning to A LOT of snow. We got a storm that they call a Nor'easter out here. It started about 4 pm yesterday and continued all through the night. So when we woke up this morning there was at least a foot or more of snow outside. Poor Belle went out to go to the bathroom and the snow came up past her legs almost, it was funny watching her trying to figure out how she was supposed to go to the bathroom with snow up to her neck. So Chris left for work and about 2 minutes later he was back to tell me he couldn't get out of our road. We park in the back of our house and the road leading to it is a back alley almost and its not paved and is always the last road to get plowed in our area. So Chris backed up and tried to back out and he wouldn't budge. So he came back in and called Kathy (his boss) to tell her he didn't know when he would be able to get into work. And she just laughed and said "welcome to New England". So anyways finally the road was plowed and Chris was able to head to work. But the fun didn't stop there. Chris gets to the shop...for those of you who don't know, the main shop that the tech's work out of is in the basement of one of the starbucks stores. So anyways Chris gets there to find the door to the shop is buried in snow. It was waist deep and the door was totally blocked so Chris could not go in. So he had to go get a shovel from inside the Starbucks and dig his way to the door. ha! Finally he got in! What a very interesting morning, haha! So yes, we have A LOT of snow right now and it is still snowing a little bit. But it is supposed to warm up again leading up to new years eve.


Miranda said...

YAY...snow. Remind you of the holidays back in Edmonton?

Evey said...

Yeah it does remind me of Christmas time in Edmonton, I love the snow!