Friday, January 21, 2005

Computer's Are NOT My Friend!!

Last night we finally got to the computer store to get a new hard drive. We decided to get a used one just to see if the hard drive is even the problem in the first place. So we got one for 16 bucks. Anyways we got home and proceeded to put it in the computer and TRY to install XP again. Only to find it freezing and doing the same stuff as before. So we ended up having to put the old hard drive back in. We will return the one we got last night and now we are going to have to get a new mother board. Ugh! We knew it was one or the other, we had just really hoped it was the hard drive since they are cheaper to replace. So it is back to being frustrated with the computer freezing and or not loading for us.

Have I mentioned we are going to Orlando? LOL! Just checking;) Can you tell I am excited!?

It is yet another very cold day, this morning we woke up to -20 f with windchill. brrrr! And we have another big storm coming our way on Saturday. Call me crazy, but I love every second of it. My three years spent in Vancouver BC and Seattle was depressing in the winter time. I grew up in -20 to -40 degrees celius my whole life in the winter. So to move somewhere where it rarely snowed and just rained ALL the time SUCKED! ha! So I am happy to be somewhere again that has REAL winter.

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