Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Homemade Roses and Tackling Dogs

I forgot to mention two things...

Monday was my birthday, at the moment we are recovering from Christmas so we are a little broke. So anyways Chris wanted to get me flowers but couldn't cause we really didn't have the extra money. So he got all creative on me and while he was at work Monday afternoon he MADE me 12 pink bubble wrap roses. The stems were steel rods and the roses where attatched to these rods with electrical tape. So when he came home he presented me with this bouquet of homemade roses. And you know, they were wonderful. And it was such a very cute gesture. My guy, he amazes me all the time.

The other thing I need to mention before I forget is the fact that my dog should have been a football player. So the other night we were at this park we always take her too and there was a ton of snow still on the ground. Chris was throwing her tennis ball for her and stuff and so I decided I was going to start tackling her. It was fun, I was full out tackling my dog and making her fumble her ball. Anyways one time Chris threw the ball to me and I was reaching up to catch it, Belle arrived at the same time and jumped. As she jumped she ran into me and full out tackled me and knocked me to the ground. No jokes, there I was lying back down in the snow and there was my dog running in circles around me with her ball. Clearly she was proud of what had just occurred. Chris and at that point lost it and just started laughing, it was so funny.

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Lori said...

What a guy you have, and what a dog!