Monday, January 31, 2005

Finding a Church to Call Home!

Chris and I have been looking for months to find a church to call "home", we have been to quite a few different ones. Looking for a new church is a tough thing and we were getting so frustrated. We had been going to this one not far from our house, it was a great church and we loved the pastor but it just wasn't doing anything for us. There was not a lot of people our age and we didn't enjoy the worship. So this past week we started talking about finding yet another church to try out. So I got online and started searching through website after website till I finally came across one for a church in Cambridge called Hope Fellowship Church. As I was reading through the different information on the website the more I wanted to check this church out. So I emailed the pastor to ask him a few questions and decided we would go there on Sunday. So we went yesterday and it was wonderful. We were 20 minutes late mind you, but that was because of the fact there was nowhere to park on the street cause of all the snow...we ended up parking like 4 blocks away in a grocery store parking lot. Anyways the pastor was great, we enjoyed the worship and there seemed to be a lot of people our age and quite a few couples. It so happened that yesterday they were having a lunch after the service downstairs for the young s to talk about the new small groups that are starting up next week. And yes we qualify as young s....we are only 27...geez!! We had a good time, and it was a great opportunity to meet new people, which we did. We will be going back next Sunday and will give one of the small groups a try. We just really had a great feeling after we left there yesterday, we have not felt that with any of the churches that we have gone to since being here. It just felt like we were in the right place, and everything seemed to fit. The great thing is that there is so much going on at the church right now that we have so many opportunities to jump in and get involved and meet people. Anyway, we are both very excited about this church and look forward to learning more about it and the people there.


Anonymous said...

Good for you Yvonne, i am very proud of you and Chris for continuing to look. But i am more glad that you have found a church you may feel comfortable in. Just remember when you are at a new church, you have to make an effort to let people see you are interested in being a part of that fellowship. Going every sunday and getting involved in small groups, it is hard at first being the new people but with a little perseverence you guys can fit in.

Lori said...

Good on you for sticking in there and trying new stuff. I am glad the new place was so great. I hope it continues to be. So glad you posted again. Love you!

Anonymous said...

That sounds awesome! I'm so happy for you guys!