Friday, January 14, 2005

Computer's Suck

Somehow my computer has decided to run for a little bit today. So I thought I should try and blog while I have the chance. We do need a new hard drive which we will probably pick up in this next week.

I got the most wonderful birthday card in the mail the other day. My most wonderful friend Lori sent me a card that was on a piece of pink paper colored on by her little girl Emma. It was so special, and the sap that I am it made me all misty eyed. Ha!

So Chris and I are going to Florida in late May for a week and a half. I guess you can say it is our delayed honeymoon. We are very much looking forward to the time in the Florida sun. It is 4 months away so hopefully I will have lost a lot more weight that I have already lost. I really want to feel good about myself on this trip, and actually want my picture taken, usually I will avoid it at all costs. At any rate, I am a big kid at heart and am very much looking forward to going to Disneyworld and all the other wonderful places down there.

With that said, I should probably just post this before my computer decides to freeze. As soon as we get the new hard drive I should be able to keep up to date on this like I was before, and then Lori can sleep better a night knowing there will be a post for her to read in the morning;)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Wow, you alive, i am all misty eye'd.
Going to the keys, florida,have fun.
Hope you get your comp working soon,
and dont talk about freezing, me cold, -45 with wind chill. I keep freezing!!!