Saturday, November 05, 2011

Chuck E. Awesome

I am most definitely a kid at heart. I have been known to jump in puddles. A preview for the latest animated movie is enough to make me giddy. Just ask Chris how I currently react to the commercials for Happy Feet 2. I prefer my drinks with a straw--preferrably a swirly/twisty/colorful one. When I go to the zoo, my excitement is the same as it was when I was 12 years old. I barely sleep Christmas Eve because my excitement about Christmas morning can barely be contained. And no, it isn't just about the presents. It is a quality I love about myself and I hope it never changes.

Today I continued to embrace my inner child by spending the afternoon at Chuck E. Cheeses with Chris, our friends Tammy and Jeremy and their two kids, Maya (5) and Declan (4). Don't be fooled into thinking it was their idea to go--it was mine. It isn't wrong to use my friends children as an excuse to go to Chuck E. Cheese. It's a win win for all involved.
I was excited as could be getting ready this morning and thinking of all the fun little games I would get to spend my afternoon playing. Thinking of a the prizes I could win and eating pizza. And of course spending time with some good friends. We arrived right around 12:30, ordered our pizza, got our drinks and our tokens. And away we went to play to our hearts content. The great thing is about Chuck E. Cheese is that now all the games are only one token. More for your money, and oh the joy I feel when those little tickets spit out at me.
Tammy and I took a time out to have our picture sketched.
Chris was beside himself when he played a game where he had to get the timing just perfect, hit the button and have it blow up a balloon. He hit it right on the target, the balloon popped, and he won the 100 ticket bonus. He was as happy as could be. With his winnings from that and the rest of our tickets pooled together we got that awesome pen above, it is huge. I got a cool straw that I am way more excited about than you know.
Tammy's little girl Maya used the pen above to get Chuck E's autograph. Yeah, that happened. He looked so funny writing it with his giant mouse hands and the giant pen. Awesomeness.

All in all we had a great afternoon and everybody had fun. Call me crazy if you want, but I really love Chuck E. Cheeses. I love feeling like that little kid again. And I love even more that I have a husband who is willing to join in and have a little fun himself.

What do you guys do to make you feel like a kid? I mean come on...I can't be the only one.

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Tammy Williams said...

It was royally hilarious when Maya got Chuck's autograph. That little girl knows how to get what she wants! To bring out the inner child in me, I like to go swimming. On my birthday weekend away from the kids, Jeremy and I had lap and hand-stand competitions in the pool at the resort where we stayed. Good times:)