Monday, November 28, 2011

Words are Better Without all the Letters

Do you ever notice signs when you are driving at night that have certain letters out? Chris and I always seem to come across some funny ones. At least for us they are funny, I am sure most of the time it is one of those you had to be there in the moment type things. Either way, we seem to always see ones that make us laugh really hard.

A while back while out for dinner with Chris's parents we happened to be telling them about this very phenomenon. As we were driving home we saw one that showed them exactly what we were talking about. We were passing a Men's Wearhouse except it read Me Earhouse. The four of us erupted in laughter.

Last week as Chris and I were driving past an Applebee's up in Renton, WA Chris noticed the sign and said to me "hey, do you want to go to Apple?" I looked up to see the back end of the word had its light out. We of course thought this was just hilarious. That was of course till I noticed the other side of the sign and said "now it is just lebee's!" I thought that Chris very well may wet himself right then and there or at the very least crash the car.

Fast forward to Sunday night as we were headed home from Seattle. We were passing through Tacoma when Chris noticed a sign that said "Tacoma Elf Storage." LOL! How fitting given the season, Elf Storage. It totally made my day. So thank you Tacoma Self Storage for having your S out. Maybe they do it on purpose, maybe they don't. Either way. HILARIOUS!!!


PandA said...

My favorite was the "Internal Jewel" across the strret from southcenter (International Jewelers) LMAO!!

QueenieCarly said...

I love it when stuff like that happens! That's what your text messages are like sometimes, too! :P

Andrea said...

That would be funny if they did that on purpose for the Holidays! Ha ha!

Anonymous said...

My favorite growing up was always the H W Y Motor Inn on Whitemud! We always called it the Huh Wuh Motor Inn and laughed every time we passed it, they never did fix the sign so it said Highway! Then again there is one sign around here that always makes me giggle "Tanks a Lot".

By the way, love your blog!


Victorylane said...

Elf storage.. Bwhahahahahah