Friday, November 04, 2011

She's Crafty...ish

I wish I could be more crafty. You know, do fun projects and actually have them turn out good. Don't get me wrong, I LIKE all things crafty I just tend not to be very good at them.

When I was a kid I loved drawing pictures even though I wasn't good at drawing. Let's be honest--my greatest art work always included stick men and even that is questionable. I loved painting even though I wasn't good at painting. Unless, of course, it was finger painting and in that case I totally rocked it. Whenever we did crafts at school or church I got right in there and enjoyed every second of it. I just wasn't good at it and often my would be the oddest looking one in the bunch. But back then I didn't care, I was just having fun.

Now that I am an adult I feel like if I am going to make something and have it look totally ridiculous then I probably shouldn't be making it. But then I ask myself, why the heck not? I mean I am not trying to impress anyone but myself (and Chris). And if it is something I enjoy during my free time--which I have a lot of these days--then to hell with how uncrafty it looks.

I have been trying to think lately of some easy fun projects I can do, especially with the holidays upon us. I am not really sure what direction I am thinking, but there has to be something out there I can get my hands on and try my best to be creative and make something that will be somewhat useful to me or someone else.

So come on, I know there are a few of you out there who actually read this blog who are pretty crafty so give a girl some ideas. Help my untalented self in the right direction. And who knows, if you're lucky maybe I will post some of my craftiness for you all to judge and laugh at. ;)


Anonymous said...

I always feel in the shadow of my mom. She is phenomenally crafty. Sometimes I remind myself that I am too. The major difference between us is her unending attention to detail vs. my very short attention span. I decided last weekend that I was going to make lanterns out of glass jars. They're about 80% done right now and haven't had a lick of attention since Sunday. All they need is another coat of Mod Podge and they're good, but I just look and feel kind of over them. My mom would have completed them and christened them her prototypes before going on to create four more batches with increasing meticulous detail.
Make something up! When Amy was last in town, we saw these owls that were being sold for $15 or something in a store. I took a picture and told her "we can make those." Sure enough, before the night was through, we had one each. (True to my first paragraph, the one thing we didn't have was stuffing and mine is still sitting there waiting for something to fill it up.)
So, pick something you want to do and just find a way to do it. Currently, I'm learning to knit. And, seriously, for everything you could possibly want to do, there are a million resources out there. Just enlist Google as your right hand man. :)

Amy D said...

how about tie dye.

Amy D said...

or if not tie dye...I have a friend who follows some blog that is crafty. I'll find out for you.

Portia said...

Best places for craft inspiration: and


Victorylane said...

Yes. Use the Internet to give you ideas. Browse Pinterest or the craft store for ideas. That's where I pick up mine. I wish sometimes I has more of a creative mind to come up with the ideas first.

Put your mind to it, you can do it.