Wednesday, November 20, 2013

100 Things--Updated

Back in 2005 I did a '100 things about me list' here on my blog. That was 7 years ago so I decided to update it for your enjoyment. You're welcome.

 1. I was born in Scotland
2. I moved to Canada when I was 3
3. I am a UK Citizen
4. I have 2 older brothers
5. I have little to no contact with either of them and it is very sad
6. I didn't get my first smartphone until 2 years ago
7. I love to do puzzles (even though Chris refers to me as an old lady when I do)
8. My mom passed away in 1996 at 49 when I was 18 and I miss her a lot
9. She is buried in Sherwood Park, Alberta. I hate it is so far from where I live now.
10. I often wonder what it would be like to talk with her now that I am married and all grown up
11. My dad is remarried to a great lady named Lynne
12. I have never been back to Scotland but hope to in a few years
13. All of my grandparents died when I was young or before I was born
14. I have 3 nephews on my side of the family
15. I have 4 nephews on Chris's side and 2 nieces
16. I had a cat for 15 years, his name was Sparky
17. I also had budgies and hamsters when I was younger
18. I have a dog now, her name is Belle
19. I am a huge animal lover
20. I am a HUGE hockey fan
21. The Edmonton Oilers are my favorite team
22. I also love baseball
23. Chris's mom turned me into the baseball addict I am today
24. My favorite baseball team is the Seattle Mariners
25. I also like football, our favorite team is the Seattle Seahawks
26. Chris and I are both sports nuts
27. Chris and I celebrated our 9 year wedding anniversary in September
28. We met on online on a christian dating site
29. We have been together since January 2002
30, Our first date was at the Cactus Club in Vancouver, BC
31. We moved to Boston, Massachusetts 5 days after our wedding
32. We met some great friends and got to do some fun things but the west coast is still the best coast
33. I love fall
34. I love winter more, I wish it snowed here
35. I am a coffee addict
36. I have been to New York City a handful of times, my favorite being during the holiday season
37. My favorite drink at Starbucks is a Grande, nonfat, no whip, pumpkin spice latte
38. I love Christmas time, I am like a kid
39. I love snow
40. I love to read
41. My favorite author is John Grisham
42. I love movies
43. The funniest movie I have seen in a long time was The Heat
44. My favorite movie is The Princess Bride
45. I waited in line to see the first Lord of the Rings movie
46. I love music
47. My favorite singer is Sarah McLachlan and I have seen her in concert A LOT
48. I wish I went to more concerts but I just never think about it until after the fact
49. My favorite band is U2, I have seen them in concert twice
50. I have played the trumpet/cornet since I was 7 years old
51. Every summer I went to music camp and looked forward to it all year
52. I love classical and brass band music
53. I love jazz
54. I love Wynton Marsalis and Chris Botti
55. Not a lot of people know the above 5 things about me
56. I have a Scottish accent, but it only comes out when I talk to my dad or brother
57. My American friends and family think I have a "Canadian" accent
58. My favorite hockey players are Ryan Smyth and Doug Gilmour
59. I love camping but not in the mountains, I am scared of getting eaten by bears and mountain lions
60. I have a very dry sense of humor
61. I love TV, probably too much. Our DVR is always full
62. I have Acid Reflux Disease
63. I used to be a dog walker
64. I like to dye my hair and I do this often
65. I have a degenerative eye disease called Keratoconus
66. Chris taught me how to golf
67. I love taking pictures
68. I want to write a book
69. I have lived in Scotland, Ontario, Alberta, British Columbia, Washington, Massachusetts and now Oregon
70. I have lived in 3 different countries
71. Chris and I have driven cross country twice
72. I am very stubborn
73. The Oregon Coast is one of my favorite places, and I love it is less than two hours away from us
74. I am VERY shy until you get to know me, people perceive this as snootiness
75. I broke my wrist tobogganing about 16 years ago
76. I am very insecure about my weight, it is a battle I will one day win
77. I am a runner
78. My favorite colors are blue and pink
79. My eyes are blue
80. My oldest and closest friend is Melanie and we are still friends to this day
81. Once I fell out of a bus when I slipped on ice and severely sprained my ankle
82. I like rain
83. I talk in my sleep
84. I love apple juice
85. I also love orange pop
86. My favorite alcoholic drink is a Bellini
87. I also love Cosmopolitans
88. I like beer, it is an acquired taste...kinda like coffee
89. Chris and I are huge wine lovers. We drink it regularly
90. I once had a giraffe nuzzle my neck
91. Since I moved to Canada when I was 3 I have never traveled outside of North America
92. Belle was a Valentines Day present from Chris
93. I saw her picture online (Petfinder) and I knew she was the one I wanted
94. I want to go to Germany someday
95. Alias is my favorite TV show of all time
96. Animal Planet is one of my favorite channels
97. I never put the cap back on the toothpaste
98. Chris and I love watching those infomercials about music CD's
99. My favorite smell is Lavender
100. I have lived near both the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, I love the ocean

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