Monday, November 25, 2013

What's In A Blog?

Chris and I started this blog back in 2004 when we moved out east to Boston. The idea was, it would be an easy way to keep our family and friends up to date on what was going on with us. The reality is we are all busy, and it is sometimes hard to keep in touch. This blog would allow others to keep that connection with us in between the phone calls, emails and text messages.

I have gone though phases with this blog. There have been times I have wrote every boring detail of our weekends, and there have been other times I have gone months--and most recently a whole year--in between posts. I have often thought of closing up shop, but never really could bring myself to doing so. I like this little place. It is my little corner of the Internet where I can blab about whatever adventures we are in the midst of without feeling like I am boring or bombarding anyone. I mean, no one has to come here and read what I write. I would like to think most of you wait with baited breath for what I will write next. But for those of you who don't...its totally okay. I will likely never know you didn't read anyways, so there so there is no need for guilt on your part. Although--you should feel guilty anyways.

Even though this is my blog, I have always felt the need to be censored. We all share so many different thoughts and beliefs and views of how we think we all should be. I never wanted to step on toes and have people fight with me about what I think about this or that. I have been thinking lately that I am gong to change that. The reality is--what I think and feel about any given situation is part of who I am. So why should I be afraid of ruffling feathers? And as we have already covered, no one has to read what I write here.

One of the things I love most about my different relationships with friends is our differences. I don't want to be only friends with people who are exactly like me or believe exactly what I do. That is boring. Don't get me wrong, it is nice to be able to sit and talk with a friend who shares the same ideas and passions as you. But overall I think surrounding ourselves with those who only think like we do just leaves us sheltered and closed off. I think learning to have successful relationships regardless of differences is refreshing.

All that to say that going forward I am going to loosen the reigns a little. You don't have to agree with me. But, we DO have to respect one another. Maybe if we spent a little more time respecting one anothers thoughts, feelings, and beliefs, we would spend less time fighting and hating each other.

Okay, lecture over. You may now return to your regularly scheduled activities. That is until I post another blog. Then I expect you to drop what you are doing and focus on me!


Ronnie said...

Great Blog... enjoyed reading it. You are correct we do sensor ourselves so we don't upset others... I often wonder why we do that?

Cupcake Blonde said...

I am glad you kept blogging! And I'm glad your blog led me to find you. :) I am looking forward to the more uncensored parts!