Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Picture Day

What is picture day you ask? Well it is a day when you get to see some of the most favorite pictures I have taken at different times and different places. So enjoy.

This first photo was taken aboard an Alaskan Airlines flight from Boston to Seattle back in 2008. It was a red eye flight, and this was just one of a series of pictures taken during sunrise. One of the most amazing things I have ever seen. 
In July 2012, Chris's brother and his family moved to Arizona. We traveled down to help them move in. Our drive home took us through the Grand Canyon. It was breathtaking. Pictures don't even come close to doing it justice.
One of my favorite things about living in Oregon is how open and beautiful it is. This picture was taken on an afternoon drive up through the Columbia River Gorge. It was a perfect clear day.
This next picture was taken one August evening out at Browns Point, Washington. The sun was just finishing setting over Commencement Bay when I spotted a boat and thought it was a perfect photo op. It turned out even better than I had hoped.
In November 2010, Chris and I took a week-long vacation down in Northern California wine country. Sonoma is beautiful. This photo was taken up at a winery called Paradise Ridge. It was by far one of the best views of the entire area. We had a picnic lunch out on their balcony and it was just so beautiful.
When we lived in Boston we made a handful of trips to New York City. In 2006, we went to the top of Rockefeller Center. Why not the Empire State Building, you ask? Well it is way more expensive, way busier and WAY too high for this girl. Also you can't SEE the Empire State Building if you're IN it. Chris took this amazing picture of the New York skyline with the Empire State Building in it. The colors were incredible.

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